Business Process Patent

patent a business process with Intellectual PatsA business process patent is a form of intellectual property that can be extremely valuable to individuals and business owners that hold them. The rise of e-commerce technologies has brought new practices, new business models, terminologies, and methods of conducting businesses. There are many e-commerce features such as subscriptions-based access, portal sites, online auctions, targeted advertising networks, and forums that are now being considered as processes that could be patented. Most people come up with many reasons of patenting a process in order to make their application process much easier.

How to Get a Patent

If you are new to the world of patents, you have come to the right place. The first thing you should do before filing a patent is to confirm that your business process method is both non-obvious and novel. To gain some understanding of this concept, you can consult with an Intellectual Pats seasoned ⚖️ purple cow attorney for a FREE 15 minutes consultation and ask questions relating to your business process patent. The USPTO maintains strict classifications and guidelines for patentable business processes. In the business process patent the most common class for business application is financial data processing. In the data processing class, only computer related processes involving business practice, management, price determination, and finance are eligible. However, despite this classification, business model patents such as agriculture, gaming, and education are also eligible for a business process patent. To make a good business patent, do all the paperwork of a utility patent application and when faced with challenges, you can give us a call or see how to patent an idea for more or information.

Application for Patenting a Business Process

When making your patent application, you will need to provide patent drawing required for the application to be accepted. In order to avoid revisions sent back by examiners of the USPTO, always feel free to contact Intellectual Pats for suggestions and tips that will make your patent more likely to be accepted by an examining officer. In your drawings, remember to make a good flow charts that offers a step by step view of your process. When looking for a business process patent, refer back to previous patents that have been issued for business methods. Viewing sample patent templates will help to give you a good idea of how your application should look. Most business patents are very similar and you can come up with new ideas that can help you make your invention(s) for your business processes or products. After doing an exhaustive search or if you would like to learn more about business process patents, contact a registered patent lawyer from Intellectual Pats by filling out the form on this page or calling the number on the top of our website. Then you will be able to ask questions regarding the patent process, procedures, and how to file a good application.