Design Patent

Patent your unique and nonobvious design with Intellectual PatsIntellectual Pats is here to go over and help you apply for a design patent. Initially we must talk with you about the best ways to get a design patent. It is essential to comprehend the differences in between design and utility patents. A utility patent means something is used and works. It is frequently described as a “patent for inventions”. In the United Sates, a design patent is a type of legal security granted to the ornamental design of a functional product.

In basic terms, a design patent safeguards how something looks. The item that can be patented for a design may have a special shape, surface area, or both. Both a design and an utility patent could be granted for the very same thing if the innovation is non-obvious, new and useful, and ornamental in look.

Design Patent Application

If you choose to self-draft the patent application you undertake a lot of threats; the patent application process can be very complicated. You could make mistakes that can cause you to lose your patent or even your patent rights. When finishing or submitting an application for a design patent there are many elements that you will have to research and think about, below are just a few of them:

  • Which kind of application are you declaring (design, plant, utility)?
  • Will you file or will you use a patent attorney or patent agent?
  • Will you file around the world or just in the U. S?

There are numerous advantages of obtaining a design patent. They are more affordable than utility patents. They get processed much faster, typically within a couple of years. If the main feature of the item is the look (decorative design), then a design patent will safeguard it. To discover more about the design patent application process check the design patents application guide on the United States Patent and Trademark Office website.

Benefits of Using Corporate Attorney or Patent Agent.

When declaring a design patent there are countless policies and obligations. Using a patent attorney or patent agent is strongly advised by us and the United States Patent and Trademark Office USPTO.

The patent lawyer has specialized education and skills which are needed for assisting individuals to get patents and anything else connected to patent law. A patent lawyer can successfully and effectively complete and submit the essential paperwork for you. They can advise you on the previously mentioned questions regarding patents applications and can advise you on the best moves for you or your company. We have a free service that will get you in contact with the very best patent attorney for your requirements.

For more information see A Guide to Filing A Design Patent Application.