Complete Your Provisional Patent Application

If you are an inventor who want to obtain intellectual property rights of your products and/or process, hiring a patent attorney can give you the needed support for completing the USPTO patent application process. Even though a provisional patent application does not grant a full patent, it is very useful for protecting your inventions from being copied by other people. While the patent application can be so complex and lengthy, the USPTO offers provisional patents that protect inventors for about 12 months while they organize for the non provisional patent application.

New Application Template

If you want to file a provision patent application, there are several steps that you must take in order to ensure that your rights are fully protected in the specified period. Since there is no standard form or template used by the USPTO for filing a provisional patent application, you can use your own application method that meets certain USPTO requirements in order to be accepted. For you to file the correct structure of a provisional patent, check on previous templates from a local library or consult one of our registered patent attorneys for the right template to use in your patent application.

Patent Drawings Example

When describing your invention you must provide enough details to allow someone who has no knowledge about your invention to understand it very well. If you don’t know how to come up with a clear invention description, view other similar applications and mimic the type of description they have used. You can make your inventions more clear by drawing charts that describes your invention. Completed provisional applications should contain a cover sheet, an application data sheet, and a transmittal form. All these materials are easily available for download at the USPTO website and registered patent attorney sites. The fee transmittal form helps you to determine which filing fees to apply in the application (see patent application fees). The cover sheet should include your names, addresses and the title of your invention.

It is important to always make good drawings. A provisional patent application requires one to draw objects and not make photographs of the invention. The drawing should show more construction details as described in the specified document. All drawings should be done in white and black ink unless other colors are necessary for making detailed illustrations of the invention. A description of the invention should be very clear and concise to prevent someone from translating the original inventions to other words.

The reason to use a good patent idea is that a person does not need to pay any filing fees in order to file their patent with the US Patent and Trademark Office. Sometimes people do not have the money available to pay filing fees while waiting for their invention to be reviewed and approved. Many times an inventor will spend a significant amount of time researching and testing their invention prior to submitting it to the US Patent and Trademark Office. Once it is approved, they sometimes have to pay large fees in order to file the patent with the Patent Office.

How to Submit an Application

Since provisional patents cannot be submitted online, you must send your application to the USPTO through the mail. For you to receive a receipt of your application from the USPTO you must include a a self addressed stamped postcard that contains the application number, the filing date of your application, the confirmation number, the full names of the inventor, a list of all submitted pages and the title of the invention. If you have any questions on how to file a provisional patent application, feel free to contact one of our attorneys for a 15 minute free consultation or read how to patent an idea for more information.