How to Patent a Product or Invention

patenting a product or invention

If you are interested in product patents, software patents, invention patents or any other type of patents, then you have come to the right place.

Before we focus on the best approaches to patenting a product, it is essential to know precisely what a patent is. A patent is a property right for an innovation, given by a government to an inventor. A United States patent offers inventors the right to exclude others from making, utilizing, marketing, or offering their invention in the United States or importing it into the United States, for a statutory time frame (depending on the type of patent), in exchange for public disclosure of the invention when the patent expires. Find out more about inventors’ rights.

Getting a Product Patent is Simple

In order to obtain a patent for an item, you must determine if you will file for a design patent, utility patent or a plant patent.

  • You will probably want to submit a design patent application if your item has unique decorative qualities.
  • If your product is a new and useful procedure, device, or manufacturing method then you should apply for a utility patent.
  • If your product consists of all the formerly referenced requirements, for both design and utility patents, then you could theoretically apply for both a utility and design patent for your product!
  • If you have discovered or created a new type of plant, then you will be filing for a plant patent.

If your product or invention qualifies for one of these types of patents, then you will next have to determine which type of application (non provisional patent application or provisional patent application) you want to file for.

The minute you have figured out and collected all of this information, you will undergo a patent application process that is full of lawful claims and obligations.

Should You Get an Attorney?

A licensed patent attorney has a specialized set of abilities and education in patent law, USPTO cases, regulations, and processes. They will also be able to advise you on which patent you need to apply for, the legal demands of that patent, and if a non-provisional or provisional patent would best fit your particular situation.

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