What Are The Benefits Of Creating A Business For Intellectual Property?

To many people, intellectual property is an obscure concept which can only be best understood and applied by people who are properly trained. You might be asking yourself how patents are of any essence to small businesses or any other type of a business. Other than setting you apart from the competition, there are many other benefits of creating a business around intellectual property. Why Is Intellectual Property Relevant? Along with human inventiveness and creativity, intellectual property i...

Benefits of Licensing Intellectual Property

One of the major advantages of owning rights to an intellectual property (IP) is the ability it gives you to sell the rights or license them over a specific period of time. It is one thing to own IP, but it's a whole different thing to put the patent to practical use and benefit from it. In cases where inventors and owners of IP have no financial, business, or technical know-how to explore the diverse applications of their inventions, the idea of licensing the IP to a third party can indeed b...

Who Owns Intellectual Property, The Inventor Or The Employer?

Owning an invention patent is definitely a dream come true for most inventors. However, the biggest debate that has continued on in recent years is who exactly is supposed to own an intellectual property (IP) for an invention made by an employee working under a specific organization? When you create an invention during employment, then you own the patent to it. However, there are some cases in which the employer can have full rights to the intellectual property of the invention. These include: ...