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Finding a patent attorney in Orlando, Florida is easy. Just type “patent attorney” into any Internet search engine, and it will produce a seemingly infinite number of results. Selecting the right patent attorney, however, is more of a challenge. Here’s how to hone your search.

First, make sure that each prospective lawyer is registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Only registered patent practitioners are allowed to represent inventors before the USPTO.

To register, an attorney must have an undergraduate degree in either science or engineering and must pass a patent-specific registration exam. The PTO maintains a searchable roster of all registered patent practitioners on its website. You also need to check whether the patent attorney has a technical background that relates to your invention. Such a background helps a lawyer understand your invention and increases the likelihood of a top-notch patent application.

Technical Backgrounds

patent attorney orlando floridaA patent attorney with a background in chemistry, for instance, is probably a good choice for an application for a new drug. In the patent arena, technical backgrounds are generally categorized into mechanical, chemical, electrical and computer science. Here again, the Internet is helpful because most patent attorneys have a Web presence that indicates their technical background. Be sure to look into a patent attorney’s experience. Some patent attorneys might have more experience preparing and prosecuting applications. Others might have more familiarity with enforcing them.

I often use the heart-surgeon analogy. If I needed a heart operation and I had the choice between a surgeon fresh out of med school and one who had successfully performed many heart procedures, I’d go with the seasoned pro. Both might do an excellent job, but the odds of a positive outcome are greater with the experienced surgeon.

Knowledge about enforcing or litigating issued patents also is a plus. patent attorney Orlando Florida with litigation knowledge understand how judges and juries evaluate patents and tend to draft their applications accordingly.

Finally, you owe it to yourself and your invention to find a patent attorney with whom you are comfortable. The patenting process can be a long and expensive one, typically taking several years. If you don’t like working with your lawyer, this process will seem even longer. To get a read on who you like, you’ll need to interview the most promising candidates.

An attorney’s answers to questions about fees and the patenting process, as well as the attorney’s questions about your invention, can help you get a picture of the attorney’s approach, which in turn will help you gauge your comfort level. It’s also helpful to review an attorney’s published writings, if any. Many lawyers write articles for publication or maintain blogs. These often are valuable sources of insight into the attorney.

If you still think you can handle the patent application process by yourself, by finding online resources and guides, without hiring a competent attorney, you have a surprise waiting for you. If you check out the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) website, you’ll see that it encourages people seeking to file patent applications to always consult with a reliable patent atorney Nashville or patent attorney Knoxville before going forward in the process.

In the end, your intuition will inform your thinking and selection. But make sure you’re armed with plenty of facts to go along with that gut feeling.

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