Getting a Patent Attorney in Illinois

Everyone has probably had a really good idea that might have been the next great thing but never went anywhere because they didn’t talk to the right people. When you have a new invention, you should go see an expert patent attorney in Illinois before you do anything else with it. It won’t do you any good by keeping it in your own mind, so let an expert decide whether or not it has potential to be patented. If it is a truly great invention, get the patent protection before you even tell your best friend.

illinois patent attorney and lawyers in your areaThere is a one year period that begins the minute that you discuss the invention with anyone, so it is wise to only discuss the idea with your Illinois patent lawyer. You will have a year to complete the patent registration process after you have let the cat out of the bag about your idea. That is why it’s best to talk to a ⚖️ purple cow attorney before anyone else. Also, if you start running your mouth about the idea, someone may take it to the attorney themselves.

What To do For Your Patent Attorney

Start writing everything down that pertains to your new idea. Include the date with every entry that you make into a logbook or journal. Keep it up to date from the first thought to the final product. This will serve as proof of ownership if someone else says that the idea was theirs first. Take notes during the research process of creating your invention. Include such things as test results and materials that are used in the project.

Draw illustrations of your invention. You will need to include drawings with the application so go ahead and draw your idea. Use good paper that is unwrinkled and clean. Be sure that all of your markings are clearly read and precisely written. Label the figure or figures with individual parts and try to properly show how the invention works through the drawing. You can even put more than one on a page, if it suits your project.

Take the above things to a good patent attorney for a consultation. You can explain the idea and all details thoroughly to get their expert advice. Discuss every aspect of your invention so that the paperwork and claims are drafted accurately.

After Working with Illinois Patent Lawyers

Once you get your approval for the patent, the sky is the limit for you. There are several things that you can do with the invention since you now legally own it. Most people take their ideas and sell them and others simply like the notion that they have created a patented product. No matter what you choose to do with your newly patented invention, be sure to keep your creative juices flowing and you can possibly come up with another winning idea.

Selecting the perfect patent attorneys Illinois isn’t difficult, but you will need to take some time in your decision. Be sure to look at the track record of the firm, fees associated with filing the application, amount of years in business and how comfortable you are in their understanding. Looking for a software patent? Just make sure to fill out the form on the right hand side to apply for a no-cost consultation with a registered patent agent.

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