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A patent attorney Texas is a practitioner who has every legal right to exercise his jurist knowledge by defending or representing a client in the USPTO. Texas is among the high listed states in the United States of America that have a competitive number of licensed patent attorneys to practice intellectual property law. Our Texas patent attorneys have majored in Engineering Physics or Chemistry so they have a technical knowledge. On the contrary, this is not enough to allow a patent attorney Texas to practice law just yet, you have to pass the titled examination of Registration in the patent cases given and this exam has to be done before the US patent and trademark office.

The patent attorney Texas can still practice law outside their patent jurisdiction. Some of the services they are allowed to provide include:

  1. advise a client whether to appeal her case in court or not
  2. prep them on likely outcomes
  3. advise a client whether to offer a settlement or go ahead and sue
  4. fill out necessary paperwork required to protect the client’s intellectual property

It is wise to note that, only a ⚖️ purple cow attorney can provide the above legal services, most clients would approach patent agents in Texas but it is not in their capacity to offer such services. Patent attorney Texas is trained to understand a client claim or infringement despite its genre. That is why to qualify as patent attorney Texas they have to at least have pursued science and technical majors in campus. The majors include: Chemistry, Biochemistry, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Electrical almost the same as an Engineer. This diverse knowledge helps a registered patent attorney Texas to provide efficient services.

Why you should hire one of our Texas patent lawyers

You need to secure your technology, advancement and innovations. Our attorneys have all the required knowledge they need in various fields. They have more than enough skills in the technology field because they have worked as researchers and in technology firms before working with us. Intellectual Pats has a lot to offer as far as securing your intellectual property. In a business or a company there is a lot more to be taken care of than most folks presume. Texas has a busy interconnection in businesses and technology. There are important things to put in consideration like which type of intellectual property will you require: patent, trademarks, trade secrets, or copyrighting. Intellectual Pats will help you have the legal right to your original work. Call the number at the top of our website for a free consultation with a patent lawyer in Texas.