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Intellectual Pats is the leading intellectual property organization offering patent attorneys and patent professionals in Washington. We provide a blog for patent and other intellectual property law issues, while serving as a valuable resource for people interested in intellectual property. We strive to fulfill their various purposes which include:

  1. Advancing the understanding of intellectual property laws among professionals and lay persons
  2. Precipitate interchange of thought among our readers
  3. Facilitate the institution of improvements in intellectual property law
  4. Advancing the interests of the public, whom we serve

Washington patent attorneys focus exclusively on patents, trademarks, and copyrights. All these specialties are collectively known as “intellectual property.” We help individuals, businesses, and clients of other law firms to protect their patentable inventions. We also help international law firms prosecute patents in the United States.

Clients looking for assistance from a patent attorney who is knowledgeable, responsive, and treats your patent needs as important at their own will find Intellectual Pats to be a perfect match. Our Washington patent attorneys are straight forward, efficient, and offer experienced patent counsel.

There is little doubt that patent laws are complex. This therefore calls for significant skills, technical know-how, and experience to navigate through all the intricacies. Our Washington patent attorneys provide the direction and focus needed. they help identify and prioritize your potential patent assets, and execute desirable strategic plans to secure broad protections for owned assets as well as leveraging those assets to meet the desirable business objectives. Patent rights have enhanced the growth of many of the world’s most dynamic corporations.

Each one of our Washington patent attorneys carefully and expertly guides their clients through the patenting process, from the initial commencement of an invention and the assessment of patent-ability to securing strong and effective patents. They have vast resources and broad experience in securing protection for all aspects of clients’ patent rights.

Our patent lawyers in Washington offer technical and legal expertise. With these well trained and highly experienced attorneys, it can then be authoritatively reported that our Washington patent lawyers are the best in offering the best services to their clients. Call the number at the top of our website to speak to a licensed patent agent today!