What is a Product Patent?

A product patent is really a misnomer. In actuality there are only three types of patents.

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If you intend to patent a product, a Utility patent is generally what is used.

If you are asking yourself exactly how you can patent an item, then you have come to the right location. Getting an item patented can be as basic as using the patent lawyers that Intellectual Pats works with. Or read on for additional information.


Applying for a Patent for a Product is Simple

In order to get a patent for a product you must number one determine if you need a design patent or a utility patent (a plant patent would not apply to products). If your item has ornamental qualities or attributes, then you will potentially wish to complete and submit a design patent application. Nevertheless, if your item is a brand-new and helpful process, equipment, manufacturing technique, and so on, then you will definitely wish to patent your item with a Utility patent. If your item includes all the formerly discussed demands of both the utility and design patents, then you could obtain both type of patents for your item! If you figure out that you will be making an application for a utility patent, then next you will need to determine if you are going to submit a provisional or non-provisional application (provisional patent applications cannot be completed for design patents). The moment you have all the information determined, you will then have to take on a thorough 13-step process that is full of legal claims and obligations. The following paragraph will certainly help you to figure out whether you have to use a legal rep to patent your product.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

A patent attorney has a specialized set of abilities and education in patent laws and process. Intellectual Pats refers only patent attorneys that have experience with finishing the patent application process. They will likewise have the ability to advise you on which patent you ought to attempt to get, the lawful needs of that patent, and if a provisional or non-provisional patent would work best for your situation. Intellectual Pats has a comprehensive network of patent, intellectual property licensing and business attorneys that might aid you in submitting your patent.

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