When Do You Need a Patent Lawyer

find a patent attorney online with Intellectual PatsAs an inventor you probably have the technical know-how required in the field of your invention, however, the process of preparation of a patent application and carrying out the proceedings with a patent office, will require a thorough knowledge of patent law and the understanding of an established set of procedures. This is where the process of patenting an invention normally goes beyond the inventor’s skill set and necessitates involvement of a patent attorney, also known as a patent lawyer or a patent agent.

Please note that you have all the rights to prepare your own application and go through the process of getting a patent yourself; however this puts you at a risk of getting into difficulty. You may even be granted a patent only to realize later that it does not give adequate protection to your creation.

Who is a Registered Patent Lawyer?

The USPTO makes rules that govern patent attorneys in United States. A patent attorney not recognized by this organization is not allowed to represent inventors before the USPTO. To get their names in the USPTO register, attorneys must possess good scientific and legal knowledge, have a good character, and an outstanding reputation as a lawyer. An attorney must also pass a USPTO examination and have a degree in engineering or equivalent to be registered with USPTO.

Having emphasized the need of an attorney in the patent process, it goes without saying that it is very important to select a competent patent lawyer because your patent application is only as good as the person who has drafted it. For this reason, it is highly recommended that the application is completed by a professional. This leaves many people wondering, “How do I choose a good patent attorney?”

We Have the Best Patent Attorneys!

Below are three reasons our attorneys are the best:

  1. Our attorneys also hold engineering degrees from accredited institutions. They have technological and legal knowledge in order to draft an application that is likely to be granted a patent.
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  3. Our lawyers can estimate the entire bill after consulting with you and inspecting your documents as well as informing the probability your patent will be granted.

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